December 2, 2015

How’s Business?

Presented by Jim Olsen How many times has somebody asked you that old standard question: “How’s business?” What do you say? More often than not the answer goes something like this: “Busy, busy, busy.” or “Great!” Look at what happened to this Realtor. Whenever people asked, “How’s Business”, a Realtor responded in a way that he thought sounded positive and upbeat. He thought that if he told people he was busy that they would be […]
November 18, 2015

Bring The Best YOU To The Party

Presented by Jim Olsen Business is always at hand, even during the party season. Party tips for the business person: Just go. If you were invited, it means that somebody likes you. If you don’t go, you may lose that connection or worse yet, insult them. Bring the best YOU to the party. The best gift you can bring is authenticity… the authentic you! Relax and have a generous heart. Be thankful and appreciate the […]
November 11, 2015

Your Team

Presented by Jim Olsen “Your Benchmark Referral Group members are your passive sales team, your advocates and your referral partners; always working on your behalf. “ DEFINITION of an advocate: “one who pleads the case of another.” When a Benchmark Group member becomes an advocate for your services, you have achieved a rewarding relationship of closeness and trust. They become your referral partner. Why referrals are better: Studies show you spend half the time selling […]
October 28, 2015


NETWORKING SUCCESS TIP Little phrases can have a tremendous impact on a person. Take the phrase “Thank you”, it may seem small at first glance but it is a powerful and often under-used phrase. Here are a few encouraging and essential phrases that you can learn to make you a better business person and Benchmark networker. Learn to use them without hesitation: “Good Morning! or “Good Afternoon!” “Welcome. We’re glad you came.” “It’s always good […]
October 14, 2015

The Ant Philosophy

by Jim Rohn I think everybody should study ants. they have an amazing four-part philosophy. Here is the first part: ants never quit. That’s a good philosophy. If they are headed somewhere and you try to stop them, they’ll look for another way. They’ll climb under, they’ll climb around. They keep looking for another way. What a neat philosophy, to never quit looking for a way to get where you’re supposed to go. Second ants […]
October 7, 2015


Have you ever noticed that no one ever hangs up the phone while they are doing the talking? When getting to know someone new, the worst thing you can do is all the talking. But what do you say after you exchange names and shake hands? If you’re at a networking event, the next sentence may be, “What do you do?” And then after that, how do you keep the conversation going? Here are some […]
July 15, 2015

These 10 Things Will Happen When You Start Stepping Out Of You Comfort Zone

Most people want to be become successful, pursue their passions, and live a life full of happiness and love. The truth is, making your dreams become a reality requires leaving the comfortable environment and challenging yourself on a regular basis. However, it’s a minority of people who understand the importance of embracing discomfort in order to lead a regretless and fulfilled lifestyle. Many people fear stepping into the unknown and questioning their abilities. They fear […]
June 24, 2015

7 Ways To Truly Be In Control Of Your Own Mind

Communication Motivation by Nicole West Mastering our thoughts can be one of the hardest, yet most rewarding tools towards experiencing truly fulfilling lives. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that it’s possible to be the master of your own mind, but how often do you implement your phenomenal power do to so? The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our lives. That’s how important it is to encourage a disciplined mindset […]
June 17, 2015

LinkedIn is a great resource to build your business.

Take advantage of the world’s largest professional network. Here are 7 ways to take advantage of this awesome network on a daily basis: Create a great profile with your photo and keep it updated. Post often with updates about you, your business and your Gold Star Club. Make connection requests personal and genuine. Engage us with images & video. Comment on our discussions on groups that you join. Post your blog on LinkedIn and even […]
June 10, 2015

Success Tip

Best times to post on Social Media This was adapted from – Kristin Piombino | Posted: April 10, 2014 Do you post social media updates when your audience has the highest chance of seeing them, or just whenever you think of it or happen to have a free minute. If you aren’t posting to a social media site when most of your audience members are on it, all that time you spent crafting the […]